The Nik Collection: Creative Recipes

Free Download Udemy The Nik Collection: Creative Recipes. With the help of this course you can Combine the power of the Nik Collection filters with the power of Lightroom and Photoshop.

This course was created by . It was rated 5 out of 5 by approx 40 ratings. There are approx 386 users enrolled with this course, so don’t wait to download yours now. This course also includes 243 mins on-demand video, Full lifetime access, Access on mobile and TV & Certificate of Completion.

What will I need?

  • A working copy or demo of the Nik Collection
  • Host software like Photoshop or Affinity Photo

Is this course right for me?

  • Relative newcomers to the Nik Collection software
  • More experienced users looking for new ideas

What am I going to learn?

  • Use the Nik Collection to come up with new looks and styles for their images

*Important note – this course was recorded and updated for versions 1-3 of the Nik Collection and also works well with the free version, which many people still use. But version 4 has been released which has some changes to the interface. So if you are using the free version or versions 1-3 then there is a lot of useful information in here. But if you are starting with version 4, please look carefully at the sample video previews to check carefully if the course meets your needs – *end of important note.

The Nik Collection has long been the secret weapon of many professional photographers and designers, and this course will help you unlock it’s potential.

In a series of tutorials, I’ll show you how to combine filters to come up with your own signature look. I’ll show you potential problems and things to watch for when you create new recipes. I’ll also show you the right way to adapt your new recipes to meet the needs of different images. But also I’ll be teaching you to think outside the box. I’ll give you ideas for what to do with your images before you feed them into the Nik Collection, and what to do with them when they come out.

It’s so easy when you learn a package as powerful as the Nik Collection to get the feeling that it is doing the talking for you. Well, we’ll change that. By using the principles outlined in this course and practicing, pretty soon you will be telling the Nik Collection what look you want. You’ll be making it work for you. You’ll be creating flexible recipes. You’ll be making your photos shine!

Buy Udemy’s The Nik Collection: Creative Recipes

Note: We have purchased this course/tutorial from Udemy and we’re sharing the download link with you for absolutely FREE. So you can learn & be your own master if you can’t afford to buy this course. But if you have money we strongly suggest you to buy The Nik Collection: Creative Recipes course/tutorial from Udemy. So, the course’s author  can help you if you can’t understand something or if you want to learn something spectacular.

Free Download Udemy’s The Nik Collection: Creative Recipes

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