Release Music as an Independent Artist

Free Download Udemy Release Music as an Independent Artist. With the help of this course you can Your music released and monetised.

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What will I need?

  • You need to have music and content already created that you can upload.
  • Familiarised with video editing and all the major social media platforms.

Is this course right for me?

  • From beginner musicians that want to release their first single, to experienced musicians that haven't landed a record deal.
  • Any age group, any gender, any genre of music. You can upload anything that you make.

What am I going to learn?

  • Choose what content you want to upload.
  • Learn how to upload music to a distribution servide.
  • Advertise your music for free on social media.
  • How to create an Electronic Press Kit.
  • How to get your music onto a Spotify playlist.
  • Keep on top of your analytics and social media pages.

This course is for an independent artist or small band that want to release their music without being signed to a major record label.

WHO is this course for?

This course is for an independent artist or small band that want to release their music without being signed to a major record label.

WHO isn’t this course for?

This isn’t for someone who has their own label and wants to manage several artists or bands.

WHAT kind of music can you release?

Any genre of music can be uploaded. Whatever you want to release, just make sure it’s true to your vision.

WHERE can you do this?

When it comes to recording equipment, musicians have got lots of choices nowadays. You can buy budget equipment to set up a home studio to make good quality demos. You can rent out a professional studio to make your polished single. You can even record a live take of one of your concert performances. As long as you can transfer the music to a computer, you can upload from anywhere.

WHY take this course?

This course can show you how to upload your music without being on a major record label. Today, as you read this, many artists are leaving their label and releasing their own music. This means they keep all of the ad revenue and they don’t have to be entangled with 360 deals and confusing legalities that come with contracts. You will own the music 100 percent and can do what you want with it. This is rarely the case with a major record label.

WHEN should you release your music?

Don’t wait or put off your dream of becoming an independent artist – you should do it now!

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Free Download Udemy’s Release Music as an Independent Artist

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