Overcoming Sex Addiction

Free Download Udemy Overcoming Sex Addiction. With the help of this course you can Learn how to have a happy and healthy relationship with sex.

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What will I need?

  • Whether this is your first time or 100th time trying to get help, this course is for you.
  • You will need a journal or a way to document your experience either online or with a pen and paper.
  • You need to be ready and dedicated to recover from sex addiction. Mindset plays a huge role to your success!
  • You should watch the entire course from beginning to end and then revisit lectures throughout your recovery as needed.
  • The nice thing about taking this course is that you can do it on your own time, in your own space. Flexibility is key to success.
  • This course will be updated periodically so it's always fresh and will have new content added regularly.
  • No prior knowledge is necessary. If you are new to self-help or recovery then this course is for you.
  • Students who succeed most are those who reflect on the information they receive and apply what they learn daily.
  • You will benefit most if you watch all the lectures, do the assignments and take all the quizzes.
  • There will also be additional resources for you to review.

Is this course right for me?

  • This course is for those who want to kick their sex addiction and lead a happier, healthier life.
  • Mental health professionals who want to help their clients with sex addiction would also benefit from taking this course.
  • This course is for those who want to get help from the comfort of their own home.
  • You will gain more than just kicking your sex addiction - this course is meant to be a complete lifestyle change.
  • There is a misconception that people who struggle with addiction can't get help unless they attend an expensive rehab center. This is not true. Many people can kick their addictions from taking one of my courses.
  • Family, friends and professional relationships are important in recovery. Students who are willing to work hard at keeping good relationships close and toxic relationships distant will do well in this course.
  • Treating your mental health at the same time as your addiction is highly encouraged to prevent triggers and relapse.
  • Addiction can affect anyone; teachers, entrepreneurs, lawyers, doctors, construction workers, computer programers, flight attendants, etc.
  • Community is important so you will be able to engage via the Q&A
  • Understanding addiction is important but what makes this course so unique is that it is action based so you will get very specific items to work on throughout your journey.

What am I going to learn?

  • You will learn what sex addiction is and what it is not.
  • You will learn what causes sex addiction and what the consequence are.
  • You will learn and be able to identify what the stages of change are and where you land on the scale.
  • You will learn how to manage negative self-talk.
  • You learn how trauma may have impacted your addiction to sex.
  • You will learn how to create and take action on your own personal vision.
  • You will learn how to overcome compulsive behaviors.
  • You will learn how to better yourself physically, mentally and socially.
  • You will learn how to manage triggers and prevent a relapse.
  • You will learn how to grieve the loss of your addiction.
  • You will learn about positive sexuality and how to share your story to help others.

Do you want or need to have a healthier relationship with sex? This Sex Addiction course will teach you the fundamentals through unique and time-tested approaches. Sex Addiction Recovery is an important undertaking and now through the use of technology, students can heal in the space of their own home.

The course is designed to provide the student with the tools they need to change their life. You should take this course if you need the expertise of professionals but cannot commit to an inpatient-treatment facility or the expense of an out-patient arrangement.

If you are ready to take action in multiple areas of your life and you are committed to quitting your addiction then this course is for you. We understand that not everyone wants to recover from sex addiction in a facility or through in-person groups which is why treating this addiction from home can be a better option for many. This is a holistic approach so you will be encouraged to change your life from a physical, psychological and social stand point. 

This course comprises of short lectures, assignments and quizzes as well as additional resources, etc. that can help you take your life to a whole new level that goes beyond sex.

If you want to feel whole with your body, mind and and external factors you are in the right place.

This course also includes exclusive access to a number of free downloadable materials such as worksheets and check lists as well as external resources and sites that compliment the material you are getting here. 

This course is about an hour long but you will need to refer to it often as you work through the techniques and lessons.

You will also get monthly updates as well as continuous instructor support through the Q&A.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this course only for people who struggle with a sex addiction?

A: While this course was primarily written for people who struggle with a sex addiction other people can benefit from taking this course such as family members who are worried about a love one or sex therapists who want more knowledge and insight on sex addiction and recovery.

Q: How is it possible to recover from an addiction online? Don’t I need a 12-step program or in-patient rehab?

A: 12 step programs are outdated and their success rates are shockingly low. Not everyone is cut out for in-patient help and can just leave their family, friends, kids, pets, work, school, etc. The material in this course will give you the tools you need to be successful in fighting a sex addiction, however, you will need to find the motivation within so you can apply the concepts you will learn.

This course includes a series of assignments, quizzes, downloadable resources, external links to certain topics related to sex addiction and recovery.

Upon completing the final lecture, you will receive a certificate of completion.

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Free Download Udemy’s Overcoming Sex Addiction

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