Learn to Create a 3D Living Room

Free Download Udemy Learn to Create a 3D Living Room. With the help of this course you can Learn to Make Realistic Living Room with Cinema 4D and V-Ray 5!.

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What will I need?

  • Basic Cinema 4D Knowledge.
  • Basic Render Engine Logic.

Is this course right for me?

  • Anyone who is familiar with any render engine and wants to use V-Ray 5.
  • Knowing the Cinema 4D program.
  • Anyone who wants to create a 3D space.

What am I going to learn?

  • Working with Cinema 4D S24.
  • Working with V-Ray 5.
  • Creating 3D Spaces Using V-Ray 5 in Cinema 4D.
  • Converting 3ds Max Scene Objects to Cinema 4D V-Ray 5.
  • Realistic Texture and Material Construction in V-Ray 5.
  • Creating a 3D Space From Scratch.
  • Realistic Rendering.
  • Making Realistic Materials.

ith computer programs developing with technology, we can produce realistic 3D scenes, places, worlds, planets and much more with our imagination.We can create any scene in 3D programs and reflect the feeling of such a place to people. For example, we can turn the places you create using your imagination into photos or videos and impress people. Or, if we look from the eyes of an architect, we have a project. This project can be a space. We can pre-model a real-life space in 3d and turn it into a photo/video and present it to the customer. That way we can show the client what the space will be like when it’s finished. This is a very small example. In short, we can model any space as we want in 3D programs, regardless of whether it is big or small, and present it to people as we want .It can be a movie image, a finished building, a world or projects that will push the limits of our imagination. These are very small examples.  That’s exactly why we need 3D design programs in such cases. We can also model our project in 3D design program,  light it, put the cameras and get images as we want .In this tutorial we will create an indoor scene using Cinema 4D and next generation V-Ray 5.

In this course we will create an interior scene from scratch with Cinema 4D S24 and next generation V-Ray 5 rendering engine.We will make a living room with the next generation V-Ray 5.We will do all this in Cinema 4D in the S24 version. At first, we will take objects from the scenes prepared in 3ds Max and use them in our own project. You will see the conversion from 3ds Max to Cinema 4D. From the next step we will draw our scene in Cinema 4D. We will call the objects to our scene and dress them with their materials and textures. In V-Ray 5 we will be making our Materials and textures. We will make some adjustments like Light, Camera, White Balance, Color Map. We will leave our cameras in the appropriate places. You will also see the focus effect. After making all the adjustments, we will make the Render Settings.

You do not need to have used V-Ray 5 before in this tutorial!

There is only one thing of critical importance, the desire to learn. Anyone who wants to use V-Ray 5 or want to create a 3D space with V-Ray 5 can get it.  At the end of the training, you will be able to create indoor scenes as you wish. No matter how old you are, people from all walks of life can take this training. Education is completely silent. Before you take the training, remember that the training is silent.If you get stuck somewhere during the training set, don’t forget to message me. Ask me about anything you don’t understand during the training. If there is something you do not understand, you can send me a message on Udemy. Or you can open a topic under the relevant course and ask for help.

This training set was created by Orhan Yucesoy and cannot be copied, published or distributed!

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Free Download Udemy’s Learn to Create a 3D Living Room

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