Excel – Logical and Text Functions

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What will I need?

  • Previous exposure to personal computers and desktop applications is needed.
  • A computer with Office 365 or Office 2021/2019/2016 is required for this course.

Is this course right for me?

  • Excel users who need to know how to manipulate information in Excel in a professional manner.
  • Students who need to become more familiar with this part of the program to produce better documents/spreadsheets and become more knowledgeable in the program..
  • This course is presented on a beginning/intermediate level. If you are getting started or need to improve upon your Excel skills, this course provides what you need.
  • Those in the corporate world who need to know how to manipulate information in Excel more professionally, or require a refreshing of their Excel knowledge pool.

What am I going to learn?

  • What Logical functions are an how to use them to get the information you require.
  • What Text functions are and how they make finding information more efficient.
  • We will look at some Information functions and see how using them along with other functions can produce amazing results.
  • How nested functions are put together, understand the language used to get the end results and how to calculate within the function.
  • The Data Validation tool and how that makes presenting your functions and worksheets much more professional for the user.
  • Various shortcuts which will make your use of the program much more smooth.

This course will cover the most popular Logical and Text Functions. You will also learn the language Excel uses to better understand how to assemble the function. Additional tools will be provided to help you engage with the program and make things happen more quickly and more efficiently.

Additional shortcuts are provided to aid you in producing a more efficient product more quickly; Ctrl+Shift+↓ to select a large amount of information and Ctrl+Backspace to return you to the top of the page while in a function, F2 then Ctrl+Enter to copy a function down in a table without including the formatting, high-lighting columns while in a function, the fx Insert Function tool to aid in understanding how to enter a function you are not familiar with to avoid making errors, the Format as Table tool, how to use the F9 button to show the result of an argument in a nested function, how the clipboard works, and the Paste Values tool.

We will be covering the following functions:


  • · CLEAN

  • · CONCAT


  • · FIND

  • · IF

  • · IFAND


  • · IFOR

  • · IFS


  • · ISERR


  • · ISNA


  • · ISTEXT

  • · LEFT

  • · LEN

  • · LOWER

  • · MAXIFS

  • · MID

  • · MINIFS

  • · NOT

  • · OR

  • · PROPER

  • · RIGHT


  • · SUMIFS


  • · TRIM

  • · UPER

  • · VALUE

  • · XOR

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to perform the following logical and text associated tasks in Microsoft Excel.

You will:

  • · Demonstrate skills and knowledge of Logical and Text functions

  • · Demonstrate skills in using the keyboard shortcuts provided in the lectures

  • · Demonstrate skills in using the Data Validation tool

  • · Demonstrate skills in nesting functions and how to get to the final product using them

  • · Demonstrate skills in evaluating information while in a function

  • · Demonstrate skills in manipulating large amounts of information in a function

  • · Understand how to use nested functions and which function you can use together effectively

This course is presented for Beginning to Intermediate level students. The length of the class is short enough to keep your attention but long enough to give you as much information as possible for your knowledge level.

Enough about that – let’s get started!

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Free Download Udemy’s Excel - Logical and Text Functions

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