Arturia’s ‘Moog’ Modular V3 Masterclass

Free Download Udemy Arturia's 'Moog' Modular V3 Masterclass. With the help of this course you can Learn 'East Coast' Modular Synthesis with the Arturia Modular V3.

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What will I need?

  • No prior experience needed, this course starts with the basics and ends with some very advanced topics

Is this course right for me?

  • Musicians and Sound-Designer wanting to know more about Moog Modular V3 or about Modular Synthesis in general

What am I going to learn?

  • Understand and expand on 'West Coast' Modular Synthesis techniques
  • Design your own sounds with Modular V3
  • Expand your sound-design techniques
  • Process external audio with Modular V3
  • Impress on parties with your synthesis knowledge

As you might have noticed, Modular Synthesis has regained its popularity in the last few years, and rightfully so! It’s a beautiful approach to synthesis and does a great job towards learning the inner mechanics of subtractive synthesis, as well as being very inviting towards new creative approaches. All of this really made me want to revisit a classic, and one of my all-time favourite Modulars, The Moog Modular. This synth from Arturia is a plugin version of various Moog Systems from the 60’s and 70’s, it can do anything the original system can do, and then some.
Whether you prefer to work with plugins or if you’re planning on spending some serious cash on your own Modular system,  this course will teach you everything about ‘traditional’ modular synthesis. On top of that it comes with 50+ patches, some of them we create ourselves during the course, the others are there for you to learn about a specific technique or to just get inspired by some crazy ideas.

As I usually do, the course is separated into multiple parts:

A – The Theory
In the Theory part you will learn about every single module, how to combine them and some different creative use-cases. To not make this part of the course too dry, I include many examples and we start to create patches right away.
You will learn what a Sample & Hold module does, and how to use it in various ways. You’ll learn about Noise, FM, AM, RM, Pulse Width modulation, Sequencing, all the different filter types and much much more. In short, you’ll know what every little button on the Modular V3 does, but more importantly, when to reach for it.

B – Creating Functional Sounds
Once you’ve learned about all the modules we get into creating sounds, we start by making some functional/useful sounds that you can use in any sort of genre. These consists of Pads, Plucks, Basses, Keys, etc. The purpose of this part of the course is to provide you with some patches you can use right away in your own music, as well as solidifying the ideas and modules you learned about in the A section. Another benefit resulting from crafting sounds together is that you’ll start to see how I think when working on a patch, which directions are possible and how to turn a weird small idea into a great patch.

C – Advanced Sounds
At this point you will already have a very strong knowledge on this Arturia Modular V3 and Modular Synthesis in general, so why not use that knowledge to really get into mad professor mode..
In the last part of the course we’ll do exactly that, we will start to build complex sounds and sequences where we challenge ourselves to use tricky modular and advanced techniques. We’ll also look into how to use external audio and process that with the Modular system, we dive deeper into FM, triggers, Oscillator Syncing, the Bode Frequency shifter and a whole lot more.

This course is an exciting 10-hour deep dive into the deep waters of Modular Sound-Design, it was very exciting to record and I hope you will share my excitement when going through the videos. Have fun, and thank you!

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Free Download Udemy’s Arturia's 'Moog' Modular V3 Masterclass

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