Arduino coding with 3D-Printing, Product Design, Fabrication

Free Download Udemy Arduino coding with 3D-Printing, Product Design, Fabrication. With the help of this course you can Make your own inventions through modelling, designing, product fabrications and coding all within the home environment..

This course was created by . It was rated 4.84089 out of 5 by approx 5 ratings. There are approx 9 users enrolled with this course, so don’t wait to download yours now. This course also includes 333 mins on-demand video, Full lifetime access, Access on mobile and TV & Certificate of Completion.

What will I need?

  • No prerequistes or specific requirements for students as everything starts from basics. Of course, some technical knowledge to visualize or already of some knowledge of basic electricity would help speed up learning process.
  • For hands-on people who like to model, fabricate, do programming and invent things.

Is this course right for me?

  • People who like to learn product designs, modelling, 3D printing.
  • People who like to do coding and programming.
  • People who like to transform their imaginations into real inventions.

What am I going to learn?

  • Product design & modelling
  • Applications of Fusion 360
  • 3D printing
  • Coding on Arduino micro-controller

In this course, you shall learn how to make a physical object that does not exist in the world in form, fit and function. This course brings you right from the beginning stage of design from our imagination to one that is physical that we can see, touch and feel. This is exactly how new inventions are created. In other words, you are learning to make things that do not exist in this world. This is something unique that you can impress not only to those around you, but could, one day, impress many people in the world as well.

In this project, you will be learning how to make a table lamp. I shall bring you right from the design stage to the final design. Not only will you be learning how to model the piece parts , you will also learn how to put all parts together into an assembly with proper mating surfaces. The learning experience is not only to cater for its own assembly, it also cater to incorporate a micro-controller as well as other electronics parts put together. As we know, most of our products today, are not just made from piece parts put together, we need to bring in other electronics, micro-processors or even micro-controllers to make the design turn into a useful product. With the incorporation of the electronics parts, it will bring a lot of life to the final invention that you made. Start to be an inventor today. Join the course and enjoy the whole design and fabrication journey all within your control.     

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Free Download Udemy’s Arduino coding with 3D-Printing, Product Design, Fabrication

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