All about Creating Amazing Recipes in Cooking | Chef’s Guide

Free Download Udemy All about Creating Amazing Recipes in Cooking | Chef's Guide. With the help of this course you can Easy to follow guide to creating unique, beautiful and delicious dishes like a pro-Chef. Joe of cooking..

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What will I need?

  • Some basic cooking experience would be an advantage for sure. But otherwise, this class is about creativity in cooking, so no special requirements.

Is this course right for me?

  • Passionate pro-homecooks
  • Aspiring young people considering going to a culinary school
  • Experienced Chefs, wishing to refresh their culinary knowledge & theory

What am I going to learn?

  • Become more confident in cooking & overall
  • Get to know the thinking process when it comes to creating modern versions of well-known casual comfort dishes
  • Learn how to take worry and frustration out of the equation when creating new dishes
  • Know where to get your inspiration from
  • Find out how to organize your recipe development process
  • Be able to apply this framework and replicate the process each time you create a new dish

If you are ready to stop feeling bitten up every time your new dish doesn’t come out as planned, and it’s time for you to eliminate the guesswork, when it comes to recipe development, this class is what you’ve been looking for!

You’ll find here a proven recipe development framework that I and many other pro-Chefs use all the time.

In the following lessons, I’ll be taking you behind the scenes of my most recent dish development, the modernistic Paella Amuse Bouche, a.k.a. 1-bite dish. We’ll go over together through each step that I follow in my process of developing new modernistic dishes, the thinking behind ingredient selection and theme restriction, food plating and testing of recipes. And you, my friend, we’ll have the opportunity to also create a dish of your own.

Finally, I’ll also share some extra tips and tricks that will hopefully inspire and help you out to continue your culinary journey and create your first stand-alone Chef-worthy dish.

I hope you do enjoy it, will learn something new and valuable to take you a step further in your culinary journey, and it will inspire you to continue your culinary education & mastery.

Have fun!

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Free Download Udemy’s All about Creating Amazing Recipes in Cooking | Chef's Guide

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